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Man to Man: Testicular Cancer

Man to Man: Testicular Cancer

For the same reason that women need to examine their breasts monthly – men should examine their testicles. We don’t seem to hear much about this type of cancer in men, yet it effects men between the age of 15 – 40 years, and if detected early has a high chance of being curable.

What to look for?

Changes in shape, feel, size of both the scrotal skin and the testicles. Feel for small hard lumps these are often just cysts and not dangerous – but as I said early detection is essential resulting in 95% chance of cure, so have all abnormalities checked out. Don’t take any chances.

How to Examine?

Monthly is suggested and just after a warm shower when the scrotal skin is soft and relaxed is the best time. Dads should teach their sons, it’s really easy to do.

Who’s at the most Risk?

According to Dr Frank Gardner – Urology at the University of Queensland:

  • Younger men
  • Those with undescended testicles
  • Men who have had a previous tumour in the testicle face a 5% risk developing one in the other

There seems to be no evidence to suggest that sports injury causes testicular cancer, rather it may be discovered because of any injury.

Other Testicle Problems

Orchitis or inflammation of the testicles is like having mumps in the testes, very painful, but it will go away. It’s said to be caused by germs carried in the bloodstream.

Helpful Hints for Orchitis

  • A warm sitz bath for 20 mins twice per day is very smoothing
  • Wear loose fitting trousers
  • Ice packs will help to reduce the pain and swelling

Seek the advice of your health practitioner if you notice or feel anything that is of concern to you. Early detection saves lives.