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A Lump in the Breast or Testes: Now What?

A Lump in the Breast or Testes: Now What?

You feel or see an abnormality – DON’T PANIC!

A lump is not necessarily ‘cancer ‘ – have it checked.

Know for sure what you are up against. Then depending on the findings investigate your options. These can be orthodox, wholistic or both.

Try and do this calmly and sensibly, don’t be rushed or pushed into anything.

Seek other opinions.

Ask as many questions as you can think of, and keep asking until you understand.

Change your practitioner unless you are totally confident and happy with the way in which he or she speaks to you, treats you, allows you to ask questions, respects your right to try alternative non toxic therapies if you wish to. Respects your right to get involve in the decision making process. Sees your side, and is open to your needs.

Don’t lose control of the situation. It is happening to you and it’s your body, so before doing anything, think carefully, get other opinions and do your research.

If your gut feeling tells you… ‘this is not right for me’ DON’T DO IT and don’t be intimidated by scare tactics.

Take time and come terms with what has happened to you, get over the fear because only then can you rationally make those important decisions.

It can be a long, frightening and often confusing time, and you need to be confident and secure that you’re on the right path for you.

Stay calm and in control.