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Cancer Update

Cancer Update

In a recent article published by the John Hopkins University, a strong warning was posted regarding DIOXINS, a highly poisonous fume omitted from plastic and very dangerous to the cells of your body.
DON’T freeze water in a plastic bottle.
DON’T put your food in a plastic container and heat in a microwave.
DON’T cover your food with plastic and heat in a microwave, especially not fatty meat which required heating at a high temperature, as this enables the dioxin a very poisonous toxin to actually melt out of the plastic and drip into your food.

The recommendations are:

Use Pyrex Corning Ware or glass to cook your food in.
Cover with its respective lid, or paper towelling.

DON’T heat any frozen meals, foods, drinks etc… in their plastic containers. Empty the food into a container as suggested above and heat that way.

This information has been published on this website in love and in the
interest of better health and wellbeing.