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Health Department Regulations

Health Department Regulations

Over the past 10 years Bianca James has made submissions to NSW Health regarding the need to write regulations and guidelines to govern the modality of Colonic Lavage Therapy (Colon Hydrotherapy, Colonic Irrigation).

In 1999, Bianca’s worst fears were realised when, due to unsafe work practice a number of people were reported to have contracted Hepatitis C after visiting a colonic facility.

Bianca was subsequently invited by NSW Health to assist in the formulation of draft recommendations.

As a result, Colonic Lavage Therapy became regulated (effective 31st August 2000) under Section 51 of the Public Health Act, 1991: Clause 10, Public Health (Skin Penetration) Regulation 2000.

In September 2001 the NSW Health Department gazetted guidelines for the safe operation of Colonic Lavage Therapy (Colonic Irrigation, Colon Hydrotherapy) Clinics.

Bianca was also invited to hold workshops for NSW Health’s Environmental Health Officer to outline not only the dangers and benefits of the Therapy, but also standards of practice and facility criteria to ensure Infection Control Guidelines were met, and that anyone pursuing this therapy was safe, and not put at risk.

In summary, the regulations cover:

  • Procedures, Protocols, Infection Control and Quality Assurance
  • Premises where Skin Penetration Procedures are carried out
  • Equipment used in Skin Penetration Procedures
  •  Protective equipment used by Therapist
  • Occupation Health and Safety issues

These long overdue regulations are good news for Public Health, and in time will lift the standard of the profession as a whole.

However it remains the responsibility of the general public, before pursuing this therapy, to ensure they are safe, and the facility to which they choose to go follows all the standards and regulations as set out by NSW Health. ( See Q&A for further information on what to ask to ensure your safety)

At The Sydney Colon Health Clinic we pride ourselves on the professionalism of our staff, our state of the art treatment units, and our commitment to maintaining the safety of our clients.

Our Clinic is committed to educate, teach and empower clients to take control and responsibility for their health and well being.

We also continue to operate at a standard that is far above any current industry regulations.

In July 2009 NSW Health again opened the industry file, for the purpose of reviewing, updating and closely scrutinizing standards of practice. A new questionnaire was sent to all industries covered by the Skin Penetrations Act. this included tattoo, hairdressing and Colonic facilities. results of the questionnaire are now being reviewed.

It is hoped by the writer, that this review will lead to a new round of discussions, which will result, in more stringent regulations and guidelines in relation to Infection Control, ease of entry without appropriate qualifications, or quality training of a therapist.