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Podcast Talk with Jini Petal Thompson

Podcast Talk with Jini Petal Thompson

Bianca James of the Sydney Colon Health Clinic and Jini Patel Thompson recently ran a Teleseminar Jini Patel Thompson is a health writer and consumer health advocate who healed herself of widespread Crohn’s Disease (small intestine & large intestine). She has remained drug and surgery-free for over 19 years.

Jini is a recognized expert on natural healing for digestive diseases and has been featured on numerous popular radio shows like The Deborah Ray Show (syndicated to 76 different U.S. cities) and TV shows like Your Health Matters with Doug Kaufmann (syndicated to 113 different U.S. cities).

Her articles on natural healing have been published in journals and magazines in the US, UK, and Australia. Her DVD on healing colic in babies was recommended in the number one parenting magazine in the U.S. (Parents magazine, March 2006). And her books on digestive health have sold over 10,000 copies via the Internet alone.

She currently lives in White Rock, BC, Canada with her husband and three children. Download the podcast here