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Pregnancy Information – For Expectant Mothers and Healthy Babies

Pregnancy Information – For Expectant Mothers and Healthy Babies

This information guide has be put together to assist you to better understand and give you a safe option other than laxatives to deal with the problem of constipation that arises during pregnancy

This guide is not intended as an alternative to medical advice or to replace the information given to you by your Obstetrician. It is simply another option for you to consider if you are pregnant and suffering from constipation.

Constipation and the Expectant Mother.

During pregnancy many women suffer from severe constipation (i.e. the inability to regularly eliminate faecal waste from the body).

This can be due to hormonal changes; however is more generally the result of a growing baby that must compete for the available space in the pelvic cavity with the organs of digestion and elimination – The bowel.

The bowel is the sewer system of the body and can harbour millions of potentially harmful bacteria in its faecal waste. This waste if not eliminated regularly can become very toxic.

Is this Harmful to Mother and Baby?

The simple answer is YES.

Apart from the abdominal discomfort and backache experienced by constipated women generally, in pregnancy, as the foetus competes for space with a full and distended bowel, the symptoms of discomfort, cramping, backache and a feeling of unwellness are exacerbated even more.

Unfortunately too, the more days that pass between bowel motions, the more toxic the faecal waste can become, and the more difficult it becomes to eliminate.
As the mother’s circulating blood passes over and through her bowel it picks up this toxic material and carries it not only around her own body, but also that of the baby, as the mothers blood supply is also the baby’s blood supply.

It is therefore essential for the wellbeing of both mother and baby, that constipation, should it arise, be addressed and then avoided.
Faecal waste MUST be eliminated regularly in order for the woman to stay healthy, and have the feeling of wellbeing throughout her pregnancy, as well as providing a healthy both internal (the baby) and external (the womb) environment in which the baby lives and grows for 9 months.

ANY laxative, no matter how mild is an irritant to the bowel and leaves a toxic residue on the bowel wall.
LAXATIVES are certainly NOT the solution, and can, and often do, make things worse.

Colonic Lavage Therapy is a VERY SAFE, gentle, and totally relaxing
natural alternative, for both mother and baby.
Colonic Lavage Therapy is also very beneficial before arriving in the
delivery suite, as it alleviates the embarrassment of defecation
during labour.

Colonic Lavage babies, born to a mother who has undertaken a series of
treatments during their pregnancy, have been found to suffer less, from
colic, thrush, nappy rash and cradle cap.
We have a number of Obstetricians who recommend Colonic Lavage
Therapy to their pregnant, constipated mothers-to-be, and are always
delighted by the ease of treatment, and the wonderful results