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Woman to Woman: Constipation and Breast Cancer

Woman to Woman: Constipation and Breast Cancer

Constipation may increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer, say Medical Researchers at San Francisco’s University of California.
Breast Cancer strikes 1 in 6 Australian women and kills around 4,000 annually.
Drs. Nicholas Petrakis and Eileen King, who studied nearly 1,500 women aged between 20 and 70 found abnormal pre-cancerous cells in the breast fluid of 69 women with fewer than 3 bowel movements weekly.

But among the 158 with 1 or more bowel movement daily, only 5% had abnormal cells.
Petrakis and King say a diet low in fibre often leads to chronic constipation. Toxic chemicals in the unmoved bowel may then be carried by the blood to breast tissue where they transform normal cells into pre-cancerous ones.

So ladies, I know it’s easy to ignore the urge when you’re busy, or it’s not a convenient time.

You can put that visit to the bathroom off until later, when you’re less busy.  Unfortunately you may not get the urge again until the next day.

Ignore the call to toilet too often, and  the signal will become weaker, eventually it will be days between visits to the bathroom.

Don’t let that happen.

When nature calls..STOP what you’re doing and answer the call.

Answering the call of nature may well keep you healthy and whole.