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Cancer Cells Don’t Like LEMONS

Cancer Cells Don’t Like LEMONS

We have known for a long time that Vitamin C in large enough quantities actually kills cancer cells.  But large doses of Vitamin C taken orally also has some side effects, that is, it can give you diarrhoea. Certainly you can have Vitamin C intravenously, but not everyone wants to do that either.

The humble LEMON, a member of the citrus family, is packed with Vitamin C, and not only will it help kill cancer cells, it also has beneficial effects on worms, fungal and bacterial infections and helps to normalize blood pressure.

Here’s a quick and easy way to get your daily fix of Vitamin C through the humble lemon. This is so easy and well worth trying, and it can’t harm you.  It may also make the world of difference to your health. So TRY IT, what do you have to lose.

Buy some good quality, organic lemons, wash them well, and then freeze them.

Once solidly frozen, grind or grate the entire lemon.  As most of the goodness is in the skin and pith, now you’re getting it all, not just the juice. You can prepare one, or a few lemons at a time and store in the freezer between use.

Sprinkle  on everything …. your vegetables, salads, soups, ice cream and drinks.

It’s delicious, super easy and very beneficial.

In love and health