Questions to Ask When Looking For a Clinic and Therapist.

1. The Therapist

  • What qualifications does the therapist have (a registered nurse is safest)?
  • How long have they been a therapist?
  • Who trained them, and what qualifications does the trainer have?
  • Where did they undertake training?
  • How long did it take, and how many treatments did they need to administer during training?

2. The Equipment

  • Is it a pressurised or non pressurised system? (non pressurised will prevent perforation)
  • Is all tubing, including the viewing tube, sterile, single use and disposable after each use? (This is essential to prevent cross infection)
  • If not, how do you clean and sterilise the viewing tube used?
  • How large in diameter is the rectal tube used? (It should be pencil thin as this will not injure delicate skin around the anus or risk the rupture of either internal /external haemorrhoids)

3. The Safety Aspect

  • Is the facility registered with the relevant authorities? (local council)
  • Does the facility adhere to strict Infection Control and Quality Assurance guidelines as set out by NSW Health?
  • Does the facility strictly follow and adhere to all NSW Health regulations regarding the disposal of contaminated waste?
  • Can I come in and be shown around before I make my decision to proceed? (all facilities should be happy to have you visit, you can also ask to see their local council inspection certificate, as well as the practitioners qualifications and first aid certificate)

If these questions and any others you may wish to ask, meet with your satisfaction, then it should be safe to proceed. If however they do not, then there may be risks you should consider before pursuing the therapy at that facility. Check out other places until you feel confident. If you’re not satisfied with the cleanliness or look of the place, or the therapist, think twice before going ahead.