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  • A well functioning colon will change your life, and improve your health.

    Australia’s most professionally operated and the leading Natural Colon Health & Colonic Lavage Centre of its kind. Here you will find information on our Clinic, and how we can help you regain lasting Optimum Health & Wellness.

10 Important Reasons to Choose Sydney Colon Health Clinic

“We are No1 in the No2 Business”
  • We are a Medically Based Clinic.
  • No other clinic can Guarantee your safety 100%. We can and do.


How can we do this?

  • Bianca & staff have provided over 100,000 specialised colonic lavage protocols over the past 28 years from current clinic location
  • Highly trained, qualified Registered Nurses supervise your treatment. You don’t have to insert your own rectal tube.
  • Because of their Medical training our nurses are familiar with medical conditions / health issues you may have and can  tailor protocols accordingly.
  • We will not compromise on quality and standard of care.  Comprehensive Health Appraisal is mandatory to ascertain your major areas of health concern
  • Gold standard of Infection Control and Quality Assurance.   Rooms are cleaned according to guidelines of Infection Control – No risk of Hepatitis C
  • Tubing is sterile, disposable and single use.  Not just clean
  • TGA approved sterile, pencil thin rectal tubes.  No risks of damaging delicate tissue around the anus.
  • Treatment units are non pressurized, designed and built in Australia under strict Australian standards.  No risk of bowel perforation.
  • Treatment units are self sterilizing after each treatment.  No risk of infection due to germs growing in a viewing tube.

We are honoured to be able to guide you on your journey back to optimal health and wellbeing

What is a colon cleanse?

If you are wondering exactly what Colonic Lavage Therapy is and how your health would benefit, then you have come to the right place. Just view the “What is Colonic Lavage Therapy” menu at the top, to find answers to your relevant questions.

If you decide that enough is enough with your present condition and you would like to achieve worthwhile and lasting Optimum Health, then we would love to be of service to you. To find out more about us, how we can help you and what your first visit will involve, please read on.

Do I need it? Find out and save $20 off your first treatment by completing the bowel quiz.


Your experience

Our world is undergoing constant and dramatic changes, and not always for the better. A healthy colon is therefore essential to a healthy body. Conventional western diets of high fat & low fibre contribute to many bowel problems.

“ A healthy colon is therefore essential to a healthy body…”

  • Therapeutic improvement of muscle tone, facilitating peristalsis and benefiting a sluggish colon.
  • Cleanses the entire colon from rectum to caecum, providing relief and prevention of chronic constipation.
  • Is effective therapy for faecal impaction.
  • Is a very effective preparation for procedures such as colonoscopy and abdominal surgery.
  • Address constipation during pregnancy


Our three simple steps

Health appraisal and Consultation

This Health Appraisel is important to YOU, and on completion will be discussed with your therapist so as to ascertain your major areas of health concern


You will be taken into your private treatment room, the procedure explained and your first treatment will commence


The following tests are included in your first consultation: Urinalysis / Blood pressure and Weight / Stool

Complete the bowel quiz now, let us know when you call and save $20 off your first treatment.



Included in your first visit

  • * A 150g packet of Psyllium husks – pure dietary fibre
  • * 1 x 600ml bottle of ultra pure, reverse osmosis UV treated alkaline water.
  • * 1 dose powder or capsule of UCP 30 to replace bacteria lost during treatment

Ultra Combo Probiotics UCP 30 Our formula is unique in that it is able to selectively colonize and increase levels of both small and large bowel bacteria, and is FREE of lactose, soy, eggs, nuts and animal products. 90g powder for $48.50 or 30 capsules for $48.50

Call us today on 02 9906 2288 to make your appointment

Our health programs

We make no claims that our special programs provide a cure for any disease, illness or ailment. Nor are our programs intended to replace the advice, recommendations and treatment of your Medically Qualified Health practitioner.

If you have or have had long term abdominal problems, pain, discomfort or bloating, if you have seen blood in your stool or if you have experienced rapid weight loss, we strongly advise you to seek medical advice.

Discovery Program

The perfect way to begin your colonic cleansing is to experience our unique and insightful introductory Discovery Program.


Mini Cleanse Program

This is a fast and effective 7-day program that gives you a general yet invigorating body detoxification.


Ultimate Cleanse Program

This is a very popular 2 week program that will give you a total tissue cleanse.


Ultimate Wellness Program

An educative program has been designed to help you maintain and continue your journey to ongoing health and wellness.


Gallstone Flush

The Sydney Colon Health Clinic offers an incredible non-surgical program that can successfully remove Gallstones varying in size from small gravel-like stones to large stones.


Parasite Elimination

This program assists in removing parasites, their unhatched eggs, and their waste products, from the colon.


Natural Weight for Life

This program is designed for permanent weight reduction that does not require drugs, drinks, particular foods, special supplements or potions unlike many other fad diets.


For Expectant Mothers and Babies

This program is designed to assist new mums to be, to cope with the problem of constipation that so often arises during pregnancy, and to better understand the best way to handle it.


What you can expect from us

Our staff will act as a guide for each individual client, so that through education, learning and understanding of their health issues, they may be empowered and able to take full and total control and responsibility for their own health and well-being.

To provide a gold standard of treatment, excellent, professional and non bias care, compassion and love, as well as give constructive, honest and accurate information and assistance to each person, in order to gently facilitate and guide them back to optimal health and wellness.


In their own words

Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer some 12 years ago. This is her story

“After my diagnosed I underwent surgery, and then 12 months of chemo. I experienced the usual side effects.. losing my hair, mouth ulcers, nausea, always feeling unwell as though my body was full of poison.

I was given no options for treatment by my doctors, and no one told me about natural therapies.

Chemo left my body weak and depleted my immune system was low and I felt toxic.

Someone told me about the Sydney Colon Health Clinic in St Leonards, and although I had over 1 hour of travelling time to get there decided I’d try Colonics, after all what did I have to lose.The clinic and staff were and still are fantastic, they helped me change my diet, gave me positive reinforcement, I learned to meditate and love myself, I look proudly in the mirror and am not ashamed of my body. It took and still does take effort, but I’m proud of myself because I’m alive

I’ve been going to the clinic for 10 years now, and have monthly treatments.

I have no doubt in my mind my recovery from this life threatening disease is the result of the benefits of Natural therapies, positive attitude, and taking responsibility for my health.

I believe all treatments should be available to everyone and the right to choose what is best for each person.

Thank you girls you have helped save my life.



Dean was a 55 year old gentleman when he first came to the clinic, he had a high, stress executive position, was overweight, was on medication for his high blood pressure, was very constipated, because there was never time to go to the bathroom, felt bloated, found it hard to get to sleep and frequently woke during the night, was getting migraines, psoriasis was appearing on his knees and elbows, and he felt toxic, lethargic and generally unwell.

This is his story.

I was really hesitant in the beginning, totally sceptical and for a middle aged guy really nervous about having colonics. It was my wife who found the Sydney Colon Health Clinic, and she ws the one who pushed me into going.

The spirit, guidance, expertise, and graciousness of every staff member created an environment absolutely conducive to my comfort, health and essentially, a space for me to begin to listen to the miracle that is my body.

I initially went through the Discovery Program and needed over 20 treatments before my body started to feel the benefits, but my headaches, I suffered at least 5 bad ones a week, reduced over the weeks and my psoriasis was not as red and itchy. I learned about nutrition and changed my diet, so started losing weight. It was suggested I do the ultimate cleanse, which was difficult because I needed to take a week away from work, but I was feeling so positive that I took the time.

The Ultimate cleanse was an amazing program, my headaches disappeared entirely, the psoriasis vanished, I continued to lose weight, slept better, was not so nervous and stressed and best of all it cured my constipation.

That was 5 years ago and I have never felt better in my energy or spirit. I visit the clinic at least 6 times a year, more if I feel I’m a bit sluggish. I am now very much in touch with my body, and my life has changed for the better.

I sincerely thank and commend you all.

I shall continue to spread the word.

Dean C


I have always needed help from the pharmacy to go to the toilet.

Since coming to the Sydney Colon health Clinic and having treatments I’m delighted to say that I can now “do it” all on my own.

I’ve lost weight, and feel great.

I’m now an Independent Woman. Brilliant. Thanks clinic

Bernadette G


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Take action for your health

The structure and processes of body, mind and spirit are the basis of the philosophy and principles of The Sydney Colon Health Clinic – We truly C.A.R.E.

There are four areas within the human framework which are always addressed, no matter what therapy, or combination of therapies are used.

With the restoration to normal balance of these four areas the body is able to proceed to heal itself of the disorders that manifest as symptoms of disease.