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In Their Own Words

Margaret was diagnosed with breast cancer some 12 years ago. This is her story

“After my diagnosed I underwent surgery, and then 12 months of chemo. I experienced the usual side effects.. losing my hair, mouth ulcers, nausea, always feeling unwell as though my body was full of poison.

I was given no options for treatment by my doctors, and no one told me about natural therapies.

Chemo left my body weak and depleted my immune system was low and I felt toxic.

Someone told me about the Sydney Colon Health Clinic in St Leonards, and although I had over 1 hour of travelling time to get there decided I’d try Colonics, after all what did I have to lose.The clinic and staff were and still are fantastic, they helped me change my diet, gave me positive reinforcement, I learned to meditate and love myself, I look proudly in the mirror and am not ashamed of my body. It took and still does take effort, but I’m proud of myself because I’m alive

I’ve been going to the clinic for 10 years now, and have monthly treatments.

I have no doubt in my mind my recovery from this life threatening disease is the result of the benefits of Natural therapies, positive attitude, and taking responsibility for my health.

I believe all treatments should be available to everyone and the right to choose what is best for each person.

Thank you girls you have helped save my life.


Dean was a 55 year old gentleman when he first came to the clinic, he had a high, stress executive position, was overweight, was on medication for his high blood pressure, was very constipated, because there was never time to go to the bathroom, felt bloated, found it hard to get to sleep and frequently woke during the night, was getting migraines, psoriasis was appearing on his knees and elbows, and he felt toxic, lethargic and generally unwell.

This is his story.

“I was really hesitant in the beginning, totally sceptical and for a middle aged guy really nervous about having colonics. It was my wife who found the Sydney Colon Health Clinic, and she was the one who pushed me into going.

The spirit, guidance, expertise, and graciousness of every staff member created an environment absolutely conducive to my comfort, health and essentially, a space for me to begin to listen to the miracle that is my body.

I initially went through the Discovery Program and needed over 20 treatments before my body started to feel the benefits, but my headaches, I suffered at least 5 bad ones a week, reduced over the weeks and my psoriasis was not as red and itchy. I learned about nutrition and changed my diet, so started losing weight. It was suggested I do the ultimate cleanse, which was difficult because I needed to take a week away from work, but I was feeling so positive that I took the time.

The Ultimate cleanse was an amazing program, my headaches disappeared entirely, the psoriasis vanished, I continued to lose weight, slept better, was not so nervous and stressed and best of all it cured my constipation.

That was 5 years ago and I have never felt better in my energy or spirit. I visit the clinic at least 6 times a year, more if I feel I’m a bit sluggish. I am now very much in touch with my body, and my life has changed for the better.

I sincerely thank and commend you all.

I shall continue to spread the word.

Dean C”

The next story was very sad but had a wonderful ending. I would like to share with you the letter Megan wrote to her daughter Christine’s doctor Christine was 9 years old when she came to the clinic.

“Dear Dr….

As Christine was your patient for about 3 years, and you worked so hard to try to make her well, and to find out why she wasn’t responding, I wanted to let you know what her progress is. She saw you before you went to England.

She was about 22kg, soiling sometimes and still having cramps. We were trying senokot, movocol, suppositories and mini enemas and were reporting back to you when you returned from England.

The medicines didn’t seem to have any effect and she was still soiling, cramping and her bowel still had no sensation of needing to pass a motion.

Her weight had gone down to 21 kg and we felt powerless to help her. About this time last ear a friend told us about a Natural Health Clinic in St Leonards.

We were concerned when we heard that they did high colonics, because we were worried that it might stretch an already stretched bowel, however the colonic is gentle in that when you feel comfortably full of water, you can push it out so there is no unnatural loading of the bowel.

I took Christine to the clinic in St Leonards on the 9th July last year. She was 21 kg in weight 1361/2 cm in height and not thriving at all. They put her on a high strength probiotic to try and balance the toxins that had built up over the years. They put her on a herbal tonic and also put probiotic directly into her bowel after treatment.

Once a week for a few weeks she was given a colonic under careful supervision to teach her bowel muscles to function. After 8 weeks the colonics were done 2 weeks apart, then 3 weeks then 4 now she is having 1 treatment a month.

After the first 8 weeks she had put on 7 kgs which delighted us. Nearly a year later she has put on a total of 18 kgs and her height is now 1441/2 cm. She is on no medications of any sort and she’s a totally different child.

To all intents and purposes we now have a “normal daughter” and are greatly relieved at her progress. She didn’t realise how well she was because she’d been unwell for so long. She knows now what it feels like to be well.

We are grateful to you for all the tests and the effort you went to to solve the mystery of Christine’s illness. I remember you once saying that Christine was one of your most difficult patients because what normally worked on other children didn’t work for her.

I hope there are no other children as difficult, but should you come across one, I recommend the Sydney Colon Health Clinic in St Leonards.

I know you run a bust clinic, but maybe you sometimes wonder what happened to patients that just fade away, and I thought I would like to pay you the courtesy of filling you in.
Yours sincerely


Agnes Banks.”

Sadly we never heard from the Doctor, nor did he refer to us. But I’m sure he has seen children who don’t respond to his protocols. It’s sad…

We also received a letter from Christine herself.

“Dear Bianca,

When I came to your clinic for the first time I was really scared, I cried because I didn’t know what you would do to me, and I wasn’t looking forward to the visit.

Now I quite enjoy the relaxing day off school, watching your videos and reading.

There is nothing scary about it any more, and I’m really happy to come because I feel so much better after.

I also feel much better, I used to always have a heavy feeling, but I used to think it was the normal way to feel. Now I know it wasn’t and that makes me happy. I eat lots more now too, and don’t

feel sick any more, I’ve gained weight, don’t smell and have made friends. I really like school.

Generally speaking I’m just doing well. Thank you very much.

Love Christine.”

The wonderful thing is that in 2016 Christine returned to the clinic, she was now 25 years old and pregnant with her first child, she looks wonderful and just needed a little help.

She called her daughter Bianca What an honour.

“I have always needed help from the pharmacy to go to the toilet.

Since coming to the Sydney Colon health Clinic and having treatments I’m delighted to say that I can now “do it” all on my own.

I’ve lost weight, and feel great.

I’m now an Independent Woman. Brilliant. Thanks clinic

Bernadette G”

Jennifer is a 39 years old lady who has suffer for year from allergies, constipation and chronic fatigue. She came to the clinic as a last resort and a last ditch effort to regain her health. this is her story.

“I came to the Sydney Colon Clinic because I had no where else to turn, and I could no longer live this way.

I suffered extreme fatigue, was severely constipated , addicted to laxatives and still “couldn’t go” and was allergic to the world, and ad given up all my activities, I couldn’t concentrate and candida was giving me constant urinary tract infections. Bianca took me under her wing.

I was put on an anti candida diet, give probiotics, started on weekly colonics and encouraged to do the best I could.

Slowly I began to improve, it’s taken time and perseverance but I feel renewed and am approaching live with renewed enthusiasm.

I am continuing with the candida diet and introducing new foods as my system tolerates more.

I feel extremely well and positive and it shows. Friends are commenting as asking what I am doing, I’m very happy to tell them.

So, Bianca if I haven’t thank you properly Thank you for rescuing and saving me.

Jennifer S”

“I have suffered from an ineffective bowel, constipation, a sluggish digestive system,and the ineffective daily consumption of laxatives for as long as I can remember.

Doctors have done every test imaginable and find nothing wrong, yet I can go 10 days without going.

My husband walked past the Sydney Colon Health Clinic, purely by chance and noticed the sign outside.

It took me a few days to work up the courage to go inside and ask some questions. I was lucky enough to meet Bianca and she provided sufficient knowledge which facilitated my decision to undertake the treatment process.

Since making my first appointment I have been continually impressed by the experience, care and concern of the clinic staff.

My initial treatment was scary, terrifying actually, but my fears were put to rest when I was introduced to the warm and friendly staff, who so openly discussed the problem I considered to be so embarrassing.

Even the treatment rooms and the equipment were beautiful, well designed and non-threatening.

Staff are totally professional, yet at the same time display caring and understanding for my problems.

Dietary changed, probiotics were all recommended, and I began to see that over the years my dietary habits had not been good, and my intestinal flora had been damaged due to a long history of antibiotic use.

To my delight after being on the Discovery Program for some time my symptoms were under control and I realised how essential the colon Clinic is to my wellbeing.

The constipation and all the other problems I had, were only signs of an unhealthy disfunctioning body, due to the build up of toxins within my system.

The Sydney Colon Health Clinic offered me The Ultimate Cleanse, a safe approach for a cleansing and detoxifying of my body, which I undertook.

To my delight I am happy to say my health and wellbeing have improved dramatically, no more laxatives, no more constipation and no more digestive issues.

My husband and I were trying for a baby, and I’m now 15 weeks pregnant. we couldn’t be happier.

I’ll continue colonics throughout my pregnancy and know I’m have an easy time with no constipation, an easy delivery, as I intend to have a colonic at the start of labour, and we’ll have a beautiful healthy baby.

Thank you Bianca and Doris and your wonderful team of girls

Caylie R”