(You are able to purchase a discovery booklet of 7 treatments at a reduced cost)

The perfect way to begin your colonic cleansing is to experience our unique and insightful introductory Discovery Program. This standard program is designed to give you a holistic understanding of what your body needs and what treatment is appropriate for you. Whether you are recommended to have long or short term treatments, this program will give you the right information to help you decide.

Through your entire program, our professional staff will support you and provide information about your progress to enhance your awareness of how your health is being influenced by the state of your colon. Your first visit includes, your initial Health Appraisal, Consultation, and your first treatment. We test your Urine for body hydration, pH levels, blood, sugar, infection an inflammation, take your blood pressure, weigh you and examine eliminated waste at the end of treatment looking for blood, mucous, visible parasites, candida albucans and levels of undigested food residue, results and nutritional recommendations alone with a guide and report is given to you before you leave the clinic. Your first visit will give you great insight into your health and your requirements to better bowel health