(Colonics are optional but highly recommended in this program.)

This is an exciting one year program. It is designed for permanent weight reduction that does not require drugs, drinks, particular foods, special supplements or potions unlike many other fad diets. There is no calorie counting or weighing of food. It’s totally natural! We understand that reducing your weight is not as simple as consuming fewer foods, using potions and protein drinks or burning up kilojoules by doing strenuous exercise. It takes patience, commitment, willpower, a positive attitude and most of all setting realistic goals for you.

This program includes: a very comprehensive questionnaire during which we establish your endocrine and metabolic type which is used to develop a weight reduction regime that is customised to you. How you think about yourself “your self talk” and how your weight affects you on a personal, mental and physical level is also an important factor, which we address with you. Our aim during this program is to educate you about your body and blood type so you will learn how to control your weight realistically, confidently and permanently!

The program does not include colonics but they are highly recommended and can easily be added.

This program is only recommended for people over 95kg. For people who wish to reduce their weight by up to 6 kgs, and or simply tone their bodies, great success has been achieved through Colonic Lavage Therapy and nutritional changes alone.