During pregnancy many women suffer from varying degrees of constipation.

Is this harmful to Mother and Baby?

The simple answer is YES

The bowel is the sewer system of the body and harbours millions of potentially harmful bacteria in its faecal waste. This waste if not eliminated regularly can become very toxic.

In pregnancy, as the baby grows, it competes for space with a full bowel, symptoms of discomfort, cramping, backaches and the feeling of general unwellness are exacerbated . As the mother’s circulating blood passes over and through a full bowel, it picks up toxic material and carries it not only around her body, but also to the babys’ body. REMEMBER the mother’s blood supply is also the baby’s blood supply.

Constipation must be avoided, and should it arise be addressed quickly

Laxatives , no matter how mild are a toxic irritant to the bowel, and should be avoided, as they often make things worse. Benefits of colonics during pregnancy

  • Safe and gentle natural alternative for mums and bubs
  • Beneficial before arriving in the delivery suite, alleviating embarrassment of defaecation during labour
  • Babies whose mums have had colonics during pregnancy have been found to have less thrush, nappy rash, cradle cap and skin issues.

A number of obstetricians refer their patients to this clinic.