We make no claims that our special programs provide a cure for any disease, illness or ailment. Nor are our programs intended to replace the advice, recommendations and treatment of your Medically Qualified Health Professional.

If you have or have had long term abdominal problems, pain, discomfort or bloating, if you have seen blood in your stool or if you have experienced rapid weight loss, we strongly advise you to seek medical advice.

The special programs we offer are intended to educate you and help you understand how you can support, strengthen and enhance the healing power of your body more naturally, through detoxification. This in turn will enable your body to better fight the symptoms of dis-ease and unwanted ill health.

We do not believe our programs conflict with any other treatments, therapies or medications. However if you are under the care of a doctor, you may wish to consult with him or her, and gain their advice and support before embarking on a program. We are always happy to hear from doctors who are open and willing to embrace a beneficial therapy for their patients.

It is our hope that those who choose to undertake any of the programs listed below, will use it as a prevention of disease, and a tool to enhance and improve the quality of their life.