(NO work allowed for 1 week)

(No special program can be undertaken until the Discovery Program has been completed, or water has reached the hepatic flexure).

This is a very popular 2 week program that will give you a total tissue cleanse, remove putrefied waste and toxins from your entire alimentary tract, as well as remove built-up toxins and mucus congestion from the bowel wall, just within the first week! Lifestyle changes are recommended to further assist the body organs to rest, heal and strengthen their function of efficient and regular elimination of waste from the body.

During the first week, your food intake will be restricted to vegetable juices… (organic if possible) so your body is exposed to as few toxins as possible. As this is an intense detoxification and healing process, it is highly recommended you engage only in low energy activities, on all levels, including emotional, physical and mental. Going to work in the first week is prohibited so the rejuvenation and detoxification process can reach its full potential. It is advised you watch NO TV, and listen to NO bad news, don’t read the newspaper, and only do what gives you joy. Go for walks, take it easy at the gym, read, relax, listen to beautiful music, fill life with your happiness, laughter, love and joy. Stop the world, and get off for 1 week. The benefits will astound you. During this week you will eliminate years of built up thick, black, tar like mucoid plaque from your bowel wall.

In the second week, you continue to detox but we introduce your body to fresh, wholseome foods in their right combination, dietry and lifestyle changes will also be recommended, and you can return to work.

This program includes a comprehensive program and protocol guide, A Pre Ultimate cleanse self assessment health status questionnaire, a wonderful book “Staying Healthy with Nutrition” by Dr Elson Haas, 10 colonics over the 2 weeks, daily health checks, consultations and all supplements are included.

The Ultimate Cleanse is a fantastic opportunity to revitalise, relax and give yourself internal and external pampering. To increase the long term benefit of this program we give you the Wellness Program so your journey to long lasting health can continue.

Health conditions that will benefit from the ultimate cleanse are: chronic constipation, arthritis, CFS, psoriasis and other skin problems, IBS and general well being.