Colonic Lavage is also known as Colon Hydrotherapy, and Colon Irrigation. Lavage is the medical terminology. It is an extended, more complete and gentle form of an enema. The treatment is designed to cleanse the entire bowel (large intestine) from rectum to caecum, detoxifying the body & providing a healthier environment for ‘friendly’ bacteria to grow and re-colonise.

Your first appointment including treatment takes around 2 hours and for subsequent treatments, you will be here for around 1 hour. Treatment is administered by an experienced Registered Nurse – who has undertaken extensive study and training at our clinic in the area of Natural Colon Health and Colonic Lavage Therapy in order to qualify as a Colon Therapist. The procedure involves the gentle infusion of ultra-pure, body temperature water into the rectum, via a pencil thin, sterile, single use rectal tube.

At this Clinic there is no danger of perforation or injury to the bowel, as we use a gravity system – NO PRESSURE – which means YOU are in total control of the amount of water taken in, and can eliminate whenever YOU feel the need.

Our treatment rooms are equipped with private facilities, and are soundproofed, with call bells, piped music and in-house videos, ensuring your comfort and privacy at all times.

How the Colon Works?

The Colon (large intestine or bowel) is a muscular tube approximately 1.5 to 2 metres (5 to 7.5 feet) in length and has an average diameter of 9cm (3.5 inches). The small intestine empties its waste products from the foods eaten into the caecum, the first section of the colon, via the ileo-caecal valve.

The Colon begins on the lower right side of the abdomen and travels up as the ascending colon; near the ribs it bends sharply to the left and crosses the abdomen as the transverse colon, and bends down again on the left to become the descending colon, which ultimately empties waste into the rectum, to then be eliminated from the body via the anus. The muscular contraction that enables this to happen is called peristalsis.

The following chart illustrates the importance of how health and sickness have their roots in the colon. It is easy to see how an improper diet affects your colon and, in turn, inflicts pain or discomfort on other parts of the body.

The six pictures below are representations of a Normal Bowel, Ballooned Bowel, Colitis, Diverticula Disease, Prolapsus Bowel and Spastic Colons and are exact reproductions of X-ray negatives of the colons of apparently healthy civilised people whose illusions about their physical condition were exploded when they saw this conclusive evidence.