Health Appraisal

This questionnaire is important to YOU, so we ask that you please take time to answer the questions. No new client is accepted into treatment, unless the health appraisal has been completed and signed.

This information will be treated as confidential, and will not be revealed to any person without your written consent.


On the first visit your Health Appraisal Questionnaire will be discussed with your therapist so as to acertain your major areas of health concern. Your personalised programme will then be prepared.


The following tests are included in your first consultation:

* Urinalysis – examines the content of the urine, including blood and sugar
* Blood pressure and Weight – recorded and maintained on your file
* Stool – we examine eliminated stool for blood, mucus, parasites and undigested food, we also test stool for Candida. Results are given to you before you leave the clinic. If candida is present stool will be tested in subsequent treatments.


Included in your first consultation is:

* A 150g packet of Psyllium husks – pure dietary fibre
* 1 x 1.5 litre bottle of ultra pure, reverse osmosis UV treated alkaline water.
* Dose of powder or capsule Probiotic


Ultra Combo – probiotics to recolonize your bowel with friendly bacteria will also be recommended (these are not included in the price).

Future Treatments

So as to obtain the best possible results, a series of treatments is recommended. How many really depends on your general state of health, your bowel health, your immune system and how quickly your body responds to the healing process, and this is quite different for everyone. For best results we recommend weekly treatments, and approximately 6 to 8 or 9 treatments are usually required to achieve the desired results.

We recommend you make your appointments in advance so as to secure your preferred treatment times.

Assessment is made after your 4th treatment to make sure you’re on track, and to ascertain future requirements.

When water has reached the caecum, a maintenance program of 1 treatment per month, will be suggested to ensure ongoing optimum health. This equates to less than 12 hours a year spent maintaining your health.

It remains completely your choice whether or not to follow any recommendations we make, and what maintenance you decide to undertake.